ESAT 2018

JUNE 10-13, 2018



ESAT 2018 conference will be the 30th meeting in a series of  applied thermodynamics conferences initiated in 1974 by Helmut Knapp.

The conference aims to cover new experimental achievements, prediction of thermophysical properties of complex systems, molecular and statistical thermodynamics, molecular modeling and simulation.

The format of the conference is based on invited lectures, oral presentations, short presentations and posters.

A number of awards will be given to recognized researchers and young scientists. The conference aims to attract about 150 researchers and presenters from academia and industry from around the world. 


International Steering Committee


Jakob de Swaan Arons, Delft, The Netherlands

Dimitrios P. Tassios, Athens, Greece

Evelyne Neau, Marseille, France



Eugénia A. Macedo, Porto, Portugal



Ralf Dohrn, Leverkusen, Germany



Karel Aim, Prague, Czech Republic

Alberto Arce, Santiago, Spain

Urszula Domanska-Zelazna, Warsaw, Poland

Sabine Enders, Karlsruhe, Germany

Jean-Noel Jaubert, Nancy, France

Georgios M. Kontogeorgis,  Lyngby, Denmark

Eugenia A. Macedo, Porto, Portugal

Kostis Magoulas, Athens, Greece

Ivo Nezbeda, Prague, Czech Republic

Cor Peters,  Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates / Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Catinca Secuianu, Bucharest, Romania

Alexey Victorov,    Saint Petersburg, Russia

Nontas Voutsas, Athens, Greece


Local Organizing Committee

Ivo Nezbeda - chair (ivonez at

Zuzana Boháčová (org at

Radek Halfar (org at